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10+ Most Common Computer Problems and Solutions: How to tell if they’re Hardware or Software

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Top 10 Common Computer Problems

We are here again to give you some interesting and important tips about computer. Among most of us faces some wired problems while using computer. Sometimes we don’t understand that is this problem causes because of hardware or software. Basically today We are going to tell you about Common Computer Problems & Solutions. How can you know that which problem occurs for which part? If you know what type of problem is this than you can solve it easily or you can call respective customer care. It will save your time and money also. So let’s go to our topic.

1. Computer Performing Slowly:

Computer performing slowly is a dual problem. Either it will happen for your hardware or software. It could be happen because of many program runs in your pc or the shortage memory of ram. So for this type of problem you have to find is there many programs run at a time in your pc or the ram memory is short. 10 Quick Ways to speed up Windows and make your computer faster.

2. Computer Keeps Restarting:

Computer keeps restarting is also a dual problem. It may be happened because of windows update or antivirus problem. Or it can be your motherboard, graphics card or network card drivers. 1st check your windows update and antivirus. If there is no problem with windows or antivirus than it should be caused for hardware.

3. Keyboard, Mouse or Other Device not Working Properly:

This is happening mainly for software issues. May be the drivers are not working properly. You can also check the ports. Because sometimes ports are not working properly. So for this open the plug and inject it again. Hope it will work for you. If it is not working than it must be driver problem. You can also find 20+ windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

4. App Command not Working:

How can you identify that is it caused for hardware or software? It is easy to say. If one app is not working as your command than it is a software problem. But if more than one app does so than it should be hardware. 10 Ways to Open the Command Prompt in Windows 10

5. Internet is Slow:

Internet performing slow due to two reasons. May be one app is running in your pc which consuming more bandwidth than it requires or your hard disk may be failed. So check this two problem and you will get your solution. Speed Up Internet Connection on Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Permanently.

6. Download Take Long Time:

It is happening because of hardware problem. May be your hard disk is full or corrupted. Check your hard disk for the solution.

7. Computer Freezes:

Computer freezes is very common problem. We all face this type of problem regularly. This problem happens because of software. The software is damaged so that the computer goes to freeze.

8. Attachments Won’t Open:

Sometimes we face that our attachments are not working. It is not opening properly. It is a problem due to your software. So check that software and reinstall it again. It will work perfectly.

9. PC Blue Screen:

You can’t do anything about this problem. Pc blue screen is a hardware problem. So to solve this you need to solve hardware problem.

10. Google Performing Oddly:

Sometimes google is not performing perfectly in your pc. It is happening because of some app which is installed in your computer. So this is a software problem. You can solve it by uninstalling that software’s from your pc.

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