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How to Speed Up Windows 7 permanently

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Here are some tips to help you SpeedUp windows 7 permanently and fix a your currently slow PC. You can easily Optimize your Windows for better performance follow the below very necessary steps.

Run Disk Cleanup for Speedup:

This utility will remove garbage documents on your hard drive circle. For a lot of users, this may prompt to expanded execution.

Open a File Explorer> select C drive, right tap on C drive then select Properties> tap on Disk Cleanup. The utility finds what garbage is available and complete this process with a few minutes.

After the utility is done completing, select which records you wish to remove from your computer. Circle Cleanup gives a portrayal to every document sort that you select. Speed Up Internet Connection on Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Permanently

Defragment the hard drive:

Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragment.

Click Defragment circle.

After using defragment we will improve our computer with 20% speedup.

Delete Temp and Prefetch records:

We can speedup your computer with 40% for deleting Temp and prefetch file. This process is actually a very effective way for speedup computer.

Click Windows + R and type the below:

Ø temp

Ø %temp%

Ø prefetch

Use any Antivirus

For protecting your computer with very effective and easy way, you must use a powerful antivirus that helps your computer to speedup.

Remove Old Programs

Sometimes we are storing many old file. Actually this file we are not using in the future, we just restore our computer. It’s such a bad habit. We must try to clean our Computer. For cleanup our computer, we will remove, uninstall and unnecessary files from your computer.

If you will follow above instruction properly, your computer must speed up 50% from your previous computer.


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