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How to reduce image file size without losing quality

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reduce image size

Large image size is a big problem all of us. Many people like to use digital camera images or high resolution images. These images are very large they come off of the camera. This image could be applied to your blog site, to your social media profile picture, cover photo and it could be applied to anything you are doing online that involves images. Optimizing large images and making them smaller image sizes, is a great way to reduce memory usage. I wanted to do a quick little strategy or a useful tip for images to reduce the image size 60 to 80 percent without losing actual quality. It is a very easy way to reduce your image size. Just follow the below process.

  1. Right click on your image file and go to Properties.
  2. You can see the properties on this image and suppose that dimension on this image that is 1146X738 pixels and the picture size is 2.42 megabytes.
  3. Now right click on your image and open on this image as paint.
  4. Then go to Resize tab and click Pixels. You can easily resize on this image dimension.
  5. Now image save as JPEG format.
  6. Now right click on your resize image and you can see the properties on this image is 188Kilobytes and dimension is 1150×740.

In this process you can easily reduce your image size 60 to 80 percent without losing actual quality.


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