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How to open shortcut files in pen drive

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How to open shortcut folder

This article is all about how to recover or get back your files that have been infected by the shortcut files from hard drives, USB Flash Drives, memory cards and your pen drives.  Whenever you exchange your pen drive or put your pen drive in someone else’s PC. You have a change of getting infected by your pen drive has a chance of getting infected by the shortcut files and whenever that happens, you don’t actually use your file with you lose control over your file you simply cannot open it. Today I will show you a way in which opening that file becomes very easy. It’s very simple say you insert your pen drive into your PC and just follow the below steps:

Step1: Go to start or in your keyboard, press WINDOWS+R and type cmd then press ok button.

Step2: Type attrib –h –r –s /s /d G:*.*      [G is your pen drive location.] and press Enter.How to open shortcut folder

Step3: Replace G with your pen drive letter.

Step4:  Then, press the Enter button.

When you have completed all these steps you refresh your pen drive and you can check for your files in on the pen drive. Now you can easily find all your files in your pen drive.

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