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Google Brings New Features Hum to Search

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Google Brings New Features Hum to Search

Goggle launched a new feature for the users. Its a great news for song listeners. The name of new feature is “Hum to Search”.

This feature is just makes song listener’s life more easier. This hum to search feature is already available in Android, iOS and Google apps.

  • In this feature when users or listener humming, whitelisting or Just sing a middle lyrics of song, the feature just works in 10-20 second for identify the correct song.
  • Goggle said that they set the algorithm such way whenever a listener wants to listening his or her favorite song, it will search the correct song.
  • The feature is just a magic where you can find your song which is badly stuck in your mind. It may b in High demand because over 100 million listeners use different types of music apps.
  • Hum to search is brings new innovation in this feature” according to Google.
  • The feature is now available in 20 languages. It will be add more languages in future.

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